Summerhead, the latest offering from Pawnshop, is a 6 song ep which showcase the band's evolution since 98's Three Brass Balls. The songs, a little edgier, have more of a live feel , capturing the core sound of drummer Matt MacGillivray, Bassist Joel Griffin and singer songwriter, guitarist Sean Smith, Pawnshop's most stable line-up to date.

Produced by Mark Neglia

The cd also features guitarist Rob Overbey who adds a defining layer of sound and color to each song all the while keeping a raw loose feel throughout. Rob plays guitar in NYC rock band Marwood alongside singer Ben Rogers who also graced these sessions with soaring harmonies and heartfelt backing vocals, adding a new dimention to songs like Come around and All Adds Up.

Opening with a nyc radio D.J. announcing the return of Pawnshop (the DJ is none other than Pawnshop alumnus, guitarist Jimmy Lee) before firing into Summerhead, a rowdy rave-up that takes aim at top 40 radio --playing the same old song. On Satellite, a gorgeous mid-tempo tune and a favorite at live shows, Neglia adds a spacious elegant piano line that appears amid percussive layers of drums, acoustic guitar, and delicate vocal melodies.

All adds up showcases Beach Boys-like harmonies led by Ben Rogers, while Down On Me another rocker offers layers of shimmering indie-rock guitars remeniscent of Bob Mould's band Sugar. The album closes with Here and Forever, a lonely, soulful, alt-country ballad that features haunting slide guitar and a lyrical nod to Liz Phair. As summer comes to a close the song implores you to spend a little time..... with Pawnshop

File under: Paul Westerberg/Replacements, Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, Buffalo Tom, Evan Dando.

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